Beberapa tahun yang lalu pernah liat klip bikinan Mr. Hoffmeister ini. Tahun lalu, beliau memperbaharui klipnya.
I wish I’ll get to do something like this too one day. Insya Allah.

While watching these videos, I thought how they tell more than one thing about the father.

1. He loves his children
2. He is consistent. We can see that even Lotte and Vince had their off days, while he made sure to shoot them nevertheless.
3. He is lucky to have thought of this idea and even luckier to have the willingness & means to go through with it.
4. Has a great relationship with his children. I mean, a man who goes out of his way to do something like this, I mean, man!! Just going through these videos alone over and over can tell him so much. About their likes and dislikes. About their thoughts and feelings. About their mood and Behaviouralisme. Especially since they were made over the “Golden Years”, I mean, damn Sir.. *speechless*
5. Has beautiful, brilliant & healthy children. < Lotte 1 – 16 < Vince 1 – 13

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