Uni 2.0 | Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim..

A person who surrounds herself with passionate and creative people.

A person who hugs and kisses and loves and does for the people who are near and dear to her.

A person who dreams with eyes wide open.

A person who does not judge herself and others.

A person who sins and repents and sins and repents and sins and repents and–

A person who is responsible with her time and doesn’t become easily frazzled when things don’t go according to plan.

A person who is more in tune with her heart and what it has to say to her brain.

A person who reads more and absorbs more.



The Prophet Muhammad PbuH Tahajjud Prayer | Doa Tahajjud Rasulullah. 

I was presented this prayer via one of my Facebook feeds. The Conscious Muslim, if I’m not mistaken. It’s in English. But I will try to translate it for my Indonesian friends. 

I love this prayer so much, because it covers almost every aspect. We humble ourselves in Allah’s presence. We seek Allah’s Mercy, His Understanding, His Protection and ultimately, in the end, His Love. 

That’s why I am compelled to share it here. So, Insya Allah, we may all benefit from this prayer. 

Aamiin Yaa Arhamarraahimiin.. 

(translations are coming) 


O ALLĀH! I ask You of Your Mercy by which You give guidance to my heart, by which You make my work easy, and remove my distressed condition by it, and manage my issues in my absence by it. And give exaltation and honour by Your Mercy; and clean my actions (from hypocrisy and infidelity) by Your Mercy; and put that thing in my heart, which is correct and suitable for me; and whatever I like, grant me by Your Mercy; and protect me from all evil by Your Mercy.

O ALLĀH! Give me that belief and faith after which there may not be any infidelity and a Mercy enabling me to achieve the blessings of Your gifts in this world and the Hereafter.

O ALLĀH! I ask of You to give me a conviction that Your Decree is the very fulfillment of my aims, and an entertainment, which is offered to martyrs, and a life of the fortunate, and Your help over enemies.

O ALLĀH! I place before You my needs, though my understanding is limited, and my actions are weak, hence I am badly in need of Your Mercy. O the Maker of affairs and Healer of the hearts! As You by Your power keep the oceans (running together) separate from each other (that the saltish remains separate from the sweet and sweet remains separate from salsish); so I request You to keep me away from the punishment of the Hell-Fire, and the lamentations of the one about to perish, and from the punishment of the grave.

O ALLĀH! I ask You of that goodness which is beyond my understanding and intention, and which I did not even ask. However, You promised this to anyone of Your creation, or any goodness, which You want to give to any of Your slaves. I desire this and ask You of it by Your Mercy, 

O Sustainer of the universe!

O You of firm promises and Master of good deeds! I ask for Your peace on the Day of Judgment, and Paradise on the Day of Eternity, to be among Yours favourites and regular attendants of Your Court; frequently bowing and prostrating and fulfilling their promises. You are most Kind and most loving, and no doubt You do what You will.

O ALLĀH! Make me one who is guided aright, and guides others aright. Do not misguide me, and do not make me misguide others. I may be in peace with Your friends and enemy of Your enemies. Those who love You, I should love them for that love of Yours, and those who are against You, I should have enmity with them due to their enmity with You.

O ALLĀH! It is for us to supplicate, and for You to accept. This is my effort and reliance is on You.

O ALLĀH! Put Nūr (light) in my heart, and make my grave illuminated; and grant me Nūr in front of me, Nūr at my back, Nūr on my right, Nūr on my left, Nūr above me, Nūr below me, (Your Nūr be around me), and Nūr in my ears, Nūr in my eyes, Nūr in every hair of mine, Nūr in my skin, Nūr in my flesh, Nūr in my blood, and Nūr in every bone of mine. O ALLĀH! Make my Nūr enormous, grant me Nūr, and make Nūr for me.

Unblemished is He Whose covering is Dignity itself and Whose Word is Dignified. 

Unblemished is He Whose dress is Nobility and Honour. 

Unblemished is He; and none can be appropriately called unblemished besides Him. 

Unblemished is He Who is of great Excellence and full of Bounties. 

Unblemished is He Who is of great Dignity and Generosity. 

Unblemished is He Who is the Possessor of great Power and Respect. (Tirmidhi)

source: https://muslimvillage.com/2015/02/12/62885/prophets-pbuh-dua-tahajjud/

Misread (Part 6) 

Kyoto’s air was crisp, like the triangle of wafer they stick in your favorite ice cream. The expression on people’s faces are the ones I remember from Christmas when I was little. Warm and fuzzy. Beautiful kimono clad families rushing to the shrines. Kids with rosy cheeks. Japanese youngsters proudly wearing their best traditional attire or probably rented outfits, because from what I’ve heard, a kimono set costs a fortune.

The weather was lovely. A sheet of snow covered the leafless trees surrounding Kyoto Imperial Palace grounds, and the sidewalks. Nature chose to wear black and white, but the human beings occupying Gion street chose otherwise. Three gorgeous sisters passed our entourage and I could swear the youngest one was smiling at me. Her white kimono with clusters of lavender and baby blue chrysanthemums were vibrant. They all wore kimono’s with furisode sleeves, and as I smiled back she giggled and covered her mouth with hand, the long furisode displayed the delicate fabric and detailed flower motif. These sisters must be daughters of a rich somebody.
“Sheesh, Derrick. Give it a break.” Darla said as she caught me in the act.
“Whaaat?” denying anything she was implying.
She added, “I thought you were exited to see Nadine.”
“Meh.” I shrugged. And continued to walk side by side among the crowd of people celebrating Oshogatsu.

We managed to get to the designated place on time. Not the Japanese term as in 15 minutes prior to the time appointed, but literally ‘on the dot time’. Nadine and Damar as anyone could’ve guessed were tardy and still smiling. “Why so upset. It’s not like Kazu has enough crew to dress up of all of us at once.” Nadine defended herself and stuck her tongue like a little brat. I could’ve given her a noogie if Damar wasn’t there standing almost as tall as me. So this is the ‘Damar’ guy she often mentions lately. Tall, lean with a hint of middle-eastern facial features, except he wasn’t hairy. He had a golden tan, which I guess is what Kazu was hoping for, to add more ‘color’ his photoshot. 

Darla was already getting down to business and left me alone with the two people I’d rather not be with. Well, I’d rather be alone with Nadine, to be honest. Several awkward moments passed, I could tell Nadine was trying to think of something to break the ice but nope, our white breaths were the only thing sharing the space between us. All of a sudden, “Derrick-san!” Kazu called me over. I shrugged, gave them what I felt was a crooked smile and hurried over to where Darla was.

Canggung. Adalah kesan pertama kurasakan saat mempertemukan Damar dengan Derrick. Terlalu banyak pertimbangan yang menuntut diperhitungkan. Damar easy-going dan cenderung cuek sedangkan Derrick humoris tapi sensitif. “Oh, I wish I had an ice pick..” gumamku pada diri sendiri. “Ganteng juga si bule.” bisik Damar. “Ganteng sih,” bisikku balik “tapi kemungkinan besar belum disunat.” tambahku. Dan meledaklah tawa Damar. And just so you know, tawa dan bersin Damar mampu mengalahkan bunyi mercon dan bunyi gledek sekaligus. Seketika, seluruh rombongan photo shoot menoleh ke arah kami. Aku otomatis membungkukkan badan meminta maaf. Ini orang sudah terlambat, malah paling berisik pula, bunyi tatapan mereka. 

Pukul 6 lewat 15 menit, beberapa pasang sudah siap. Aku mulai menangkap tema yang hendak diusung Kazu dan menurutku keren sekali. Kazu tak hanya memilih model dari berbagai etnis selain Asia Timur, ia juga menggunakan atribut dan motif kimono yang tergelincir dari pakem dan lebih ‘internasional’. Syal bulu serigala putih yang biasa diletakkan di bahu gadis berkimono diganti dengan bulu rubah palsu ditambah topi bulu beruang khas Rusia di kepala. Dalaman kimono bukan formal putih melainkan warna-warna mencolok seperti hijau, kuning dan merah. Aku langsung menangkap statement dari pilihan kostum hari ini yang menurutku amat-sangat edgy. Adika, dari Ghana misalnya (nama yang langsung kuhafal karena mirip ‘Andika’) mendapat kimono pria yang terbuat dari bludru ungu tua dipadu hakama dengan garis vertikal berwarna senada. Pasangan Adika, Namira dari India mengenakan kimono dengan motif batik mega mendung? Darimana Kazu mendapat ide sebrilian ini? Mereka saling mengagumi kostum masing-masing dan dari wajah yang sumringah yang dikenakan rombongan kami hampir pasti pemotretan ini akan lancar jaya.
Damar yang terakhir kulihat sedang berjalan ke arah restoran keluarga, tak kunjung kembali. Aku menemukannya sedang membantu Kazu mengukur level cahaya. Derrick sedang dipakaikan baju tak jauh darinya. Tampak jelas gadis yang mengenakan kimono pada Derrick sengaja berlama-lama. Aku tertawa kecil lantaran kontan mendapat justifikasi atas stereotyping yang kulakukan kali pertama melihat Derrick di Doutour Coffee. Kimono Derrick terbuat dari bahan jins dark denim dengan emblem keluarga yang kutebak bohong-bohongan. Sedangkan hakamanya berbahan jins belel yang disetrika berlipit-lipit. 
“Suits you, cowboy.” komentarku mendekat. 
“And guess what I’m wearing instead of getas?” 
“Cowboy boots?” ucapku setengah meledek.
“Chuck Taylors!” ujarnya riang. Seperti anak kecil yang mendapatkan keinginannya dari Sinterklas.
“Black or White?” sahutku berusaha tidak terpengaruh. Padahal di dalam hati cukup iri.
“Black high tops. And they’re non negotiable, Honey.” ucapnya mantap sampai ke kata terakhirnya yang membuatku tersipu.
“I wonder what I’ll be wearing.” gumamku mengalihkan pembicaraan.
“Dunno. You better go ask.”

Damar mendapat kostum jas yang begitu pas di badannya. Jujur aku pangling. Sebab sama sekali berbeda dari pencitraan Damar yang selama ini selalu muncul dengan jins dan kaos dipadu jacket hoodie atau sweater almamater kesayangan kalau udara sedang dingin. “Siapa sih nih yang lupa matiin AC!” umpatnya pada langit Kyoto beberapa pertemuan yang lalu saat kita bersepeda menuju Teramachi. Di sana telah menunggu teman-teman mahasiswa Damar yang hendak karaoke sampai serak. Ada tamu dari persatuan mahasiswa Jepang Kobe bernama Mas Yeyes. 
“Yakin kalian ngga terpisah waktu lahir? Asli mirip banget!” seruku di perjalanan pulang ke apartemen. 

“Ngawur. Dia iku arek Suroboyo, nduk. Aku Cah Jogja.”
“Laaah, sama-sama Jawa pan.” eyelku mengeluarkan logat Mandra andalan.
“Kagak ade relepansinye.” sahutnya menyusul sepedaku, mendorong bahuku iseng dan melesat jauh meninggalkanku.   
“Woi!” protesku hampir kehilangan keseimbangan.
Kini cowok jahil yang menolak dituakan itu tampak seperti mahasiswa baru yang hendak ospek. Rambutnya yang biasanya disisir belah pinggir dengan rapih, diberi gel dan dibentuk mohawk. Damar cengar-cengir saat mendapatiku melongo melihat penampilannya.
“Keren kan?” ucapnya mengangkat sebelah alis. Sok cool abis.
“Permisi. Sayanya mau ganti baju.” ucapku menahan tawa dan menghindari tangannya yang hendak mencegahku.
“There she is!” seru Darla begitu aku menembus kerumunan rombongan Kazu.
“Where’ve you been? You’re the last one.”
“I got distracted.” ucapku sambil menunjuk memasrahkan diri digiring ke ruang ganti.