What if I fall?

#nowplaying ‘Somebody’ – Depeche Mode   People who love me want to see me happy. People who really care, pray or even get out of their way to make sure I am happy. They’re happy when I am. Funny, I’m happy when they are too. But what if I lied? What if I told them […]

Through your ups and your downs. Through your darkness and bright. He has always looked over you. Even when you looked away. He is always there for you. Always guiding you back to Him. Even when you stray. He is always in your heart. Always there to stay. So I pray. – with Yani E, […]

Hj. Nabawiyah 

Apabila duduk di sisinya kamu akan mencium bau sabun antiseptik. Ia pandai menavigasi dirinya dalam kamar yang gelap. Ia tahu persis kantung sebelah mana di dalam tas sandang hitamnya tempat peniti yang dengan gesit dipasangkannya pada stagen panjang penghalau angin menyusup ke tubuhku. Masuk angin itu melalui pusar, katanya.  Di dalam tas hitam itu pula […]

When asked, “Do you have a bodyguard?” He has no eyes though he sees. He has no ears though he hears. He remembers everything with the aid of mind and memory. When He wishes to create a thing, he just orders it to be and it comes into existence. But this order is not conveyed […]

Selamat sore, Kehidupan. #langit #awan #ROL #Cipularang – with Dedy View on Path

http://youtu.be/N4tcMTEABsk A father takes his autistic son to a Coldplay concert. Kemaren di Mamah Dedeh dibahas, bahwasannya anak-anak seperti mereka lebih istimewa daripada anak-anak sehat dan normal. Mereka meminta kita berbuat lebih dari yang diinginkan kebanyakan orang tua. Yang menjadikan kita lebih kuat, sabar dan lebih ikhlas dari kebanyakan orang tua. Yang pada akhirnya merekalah […]

All you need is one song. That can touch the hearts of many. That can make every woman feel like it was about them, no matter how unpretty. Even if their day was exceptionally sh*tty. Perhaps that one song is all you need to get yourself a key to heaven. RIP Prince. *purple & gold […]