Kok Koprol?

I was 25 that afternoon.
The warm sun was doing a good job fighting the Autumn chill on the hotel rooftop where I had just hung out wet wash cloths to dry for tomorrow’s work.
I stretched and let the crisp clean Kyoto air fill my lungs. Suddenly I had the urge to do a sommersault. The wide open rooftop beckoned me to.
A tad hesitant at the beginning thinking its been years since I did a sommersault, I looked around and I was sure I was alone up there, so I did it! I did a sommersault! The first one not a perfect circle, still wobbly but the second one was PERFECT!
Right that instant I thought to myself, “We put limits on ourselves. There’s nothing we can’t do if we break free from the limitations we bind ourselves in.”

So here I am now.

Writing for my life.

Late bloomer I may be, but forever in bloom shall I be.

11 thoughts on “Kok Koprol?

  1. sampaikan salam takzimku untuk Papa-Mama yg telah membentuk dan mewarnaimu yah :)..juga peluk sayang untukmu atasnama cinta yg ada di tiap untaian postinganmu hehe

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