No Offense, It’s Not You, It’s Me

Last night I was tempted to deactivate my Twitter account.
The reasons? Other than how distracting Twitter can be for me, sometimes –see, it’s just me.
My kindergarten teacher once wrote in my report card: ‘Dian is a bright child, but is easily distracted.’ I guess that teacher was somewhat of a psychic, who knows..
I felt I needed what @daprast called a “Following Restructurization”. So I had one.
I unfollowed +100 accounts last night. Again, no offense, it’s not you, it’s me.
I felt trapped in other people’s mundane thoughts, while time flies by too fast to notice my own precious thoughts and the priceless things happening around me.
I needed to declutter my timeline. My life too, but that’s another thing.
For some of the accounts I unfollowed, of course I have my own subjective reasons. But hey, ‘MY TWITTER ACCOUNT = MY RULES’, no?
It’s not that I don’t appreciate others, I love my peace of mind too much to be dragged down by nonsense blabber laid before me yet doesn’t include me. :p

I guess that’s all I have to say, in case you were wondering. Which I doubt. :p

Lighten up, it’s Friday!

Under The Tree

“I wonder.” she said holding up a fallen leaf in the direction of the sun. “Is it the gentle sway of the tress that stirr up a breeze? A miniscule movement which could only be caught by time lapse cameras or the breath and sighs of human beings?” I thought and thought of an asnwer to her question until I fell asleep beside her on top of the grass under the tree. And when I woke up she was no longer with me. Somehow, some voice inside me said she never was.