Tentang Dia(n)

Dian, whose fate was to have the most common name for Indonesian girls born in the 80’s (according to her own imagination) is a product of a ‘Sesame Street, Sunday afternoon swims at Waikiki Beach and daydreaming at her aunt’s beauty parlor’ upbringing.

She loves to look out for UFO’s, shooting stars and rainbows in her not so free time. Her life goal is to lock up all the haters of the world in Budokan Stadium so they can enjoy their slow and dramatic deaths.

She writes. She illustrates.

She writes about disconnected love, urban loneliness and whatnot.

She illustrates in soft tones, daily life, laid back, family and cuddly couples.

She writes & illustrates what she loves and she loves what she writes & illustrates.

Hopefully you will too.

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