Strawberry Milky Way

“Hello, you.” she whispers as she softly touches the pink velvet cover of her journal. Hesitant at first, she opens the page where the slither of purple fabric marks June 20th 2019. How can it almost be two years since that day? When she can still feel his presence filling every corner of her chest. She combed through to a page where a dried up orchid lay. A tear fell on top of it. A flower he stole from his mom’s garden. Her heart suddenly ached with a thousand ‘i miss yous’.

She suddenly had the urge to write again. But not where she left off. Somewhere random. Somewhere she might not even remember about. Words she just needed to put to paper. To feel the pen immortalize her thoughts with every stroke of nonsense. Without a backspace or a delete button to erase them.

I never thought I’d bid you goodbye. When all the air in my chest remembers the warmth of your hugs and the scent of your cheap cologne. Axe was it? Dark Temptation.

She put down her pen. She couldn’t.

As she was about to close her journal her phone chimed.

“You up?”

She stared blankly at her phone. Blinked her eyes several times to make sure she was reading his name above the notification on her locked screen. She cursed the Universe for tuning into her thoughts. She slipped her phone under her pillow, laid on her bed holding her journal tight. Allowing herself to be swallowed by the milky way behind her closed eyes.

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