-Otoosan no Aji-

Roti Bakar Mentega + Gula.
2 lember Roti tawar dioles mentega di kedua sisi. Ditaburi gula secukupnya di tengahnya. Ditangkup.
Dipanggang di atas api kecil sampai kedua sisi berwarna coklat keemasan.
Api kecil penting supaya lebih kriyuk saat digigit & mentega + gula sempat mencair & menyatu.

Nothing much. Reminds me of my dad. As a scholar he worked at home while tending to his kids. He used to pick me up at preschool in his blue secondhand Datsun.

I would immediately jump off the red tricycle I was riding around the big tree in the school yard and run to tell my teacher.


Yes. All in a single breath. And ever so loud. Oh and not to forget the crossing of legs and fidgeting restlessly with hands over you-know-where. Dari kecil udah kebanyakan gaya emang.

When I was done with my business, I would get in the car and he would hand me the food that will become my comfort food for the rest of my life. He would ask me about my day, and I would tell him munching happily away.

*pipis – with Nahdia and adhya

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