Thank you, Dad.

For always showing appreciation and pride in our drawings & compositions.

You’ve planted in us a strong sense of self confidence early on. So we can keep doing what we love on and on.

You really knew the importance of the first 10 years of your children’s lives and made sure to treasure and handle it wisely.

Like showing us that exercise is not just about staying fit. It’s about staying alive for your loved ones. A form of responsibility and above all, love. Although, we used to play with your neck stretches and say yes-yes no-no, whenever you shook your head up and down, left and right. And not to forget, marching around with you in that little apartment of ours, following you coz it was more fun than healthy.

Like how you always recite the Quran in the morning and in the evenings, with your firm yet beautiful voice that sometimes I can hear tremble in awe for our Creator. An effort to keep ‘the Light’ in our home shining warm and bright.

And the Family Nights. Oh, how I miss those nights, Dad. First we will discuss the current concern within the household. When that is all sorted out, it will turn in to a reminiscing session. Telling stories of our childhood, how you and mom met, etc., stuff we’ve heard hundreds of times but never get tired of.

Perhaps that’s why it’s called Golden Years huh, Dad?

But the gold doesn’t just last the first ten years, it lasts forever.

Thanks Mom, for your prayers won us such a wonderful father and to you a perfect husband.


#GoldenYears – with Nahdia

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