The Best Things in Life are Free

From ground level the trees looked so huge and the sky was a giant blue dome decorated with cotton-like clouds that were busy pretending to be something else as they drifted lazily Westward. The grass underneath us felt nice. Our tummies were full with lemon cupcakes. I turned my head to my left and saw her lying beside me. She held her henna painted hands above her head, framing the sky with them and said,
“I wonder. If the gentle swaying of the trees are actually the ones causing these breezes?”
“Might be. It’s just how we choose to see things. Perhaps, it could be proven with a time lapse camera of 50.000 fps. That hardly visible movements of trees cause air to move as wind.” I love it when she sees things from different perspectives. I love it when she, over all people chooses me to share her wierd thoughts with.
“But even if it turns out otherwise, I’ll never love you less.” I said feeling a slight tug in my guts.
“On second thought, I certainly hope not, I mean the breeze caused by the trees.” she turned to face me with a concerned look in her eyes. “If we humans somehow -out of our intense greed- manage to wipe out all the trees, then our grandchildren will never know how lovely a passing breeze in the Summer heat would feel like.”
I traced my fingers across her rose-colored cheeks, slipped a strand of loose hair behind her left ear and nodded.
We continued watching the trees, the sky and the shape shifting clouds until the last guest and the caterers left, while our closest relatives & friends just lounged around the garden patiently allowing us to enjoy our first moment as husband and wife.

I took out my iPod and placed one earplug in her left ear, the other in my right. And pressed play on the ‘Wedding Day Playlist’ made especially for this moment.

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