Did I Write This?

Aku ngga tau, ini aku yang nulis apa bukan. Yang jelas coret-coretan ini ada di journal merahku. Udah kucoba cek via Google tapi belum ketemu. Tapi masa’ iya ini aku sendiri yang nulis? Ngga percaya ah.. *pikun dan GR mode: on*

….objects of our awareness undergo a never-ending flux. Nothing is absolute. What you believe in now, all those evidence you trust as true, may change instantly or gradually. Unless you want to believe.
That is why I choose to believe that cows are created for the benefit of mankind. Milk, cheese, yoghurt, etc. Cats on the other hand are there for us to show affection, to learn how to make reflective fabric from studying how their eyes seem to glow in the dark….

See? I don’t believe I’m this good at words (are they?). But I totally agree with the idea. Perhaps, I happenned to stumble upon this article and just had to copy it down somewhere.

*wajah blo’on*