NanoWrimo, Take: gazillion.

It’s that month again, folks. NATIONAL NOVEMBER WRITING MONTH. First of all, who’s nation? I don’t know. They have to find another word that starts with a “Na” to replace National because it’s grown far wider than just a nation. Naughty? Nah? Nananana? Hahaha.

Anywho. I have a premise for mine this year. Let’s just begin with the premise okay. Like my dad said to my kid brother who is facing his procrastination devil, “just lie to it by saying you’re only gonna write a sentence. And before he realizes, you’ve written a whole chapter.” So, I’m just gonna put my premise here and hide the ending that I already should have but I don’t but you guys don’t get to know what it is yet. Because I love my readers. :D

A successful Japanese IT Security Manager who dreams to go on a coast to coast road trip through America with someone when he retires.

Chapter 1: Life as a successful old bloke in modern day Japan.

Chapter 2: Getting the wish out there.

Chapter 3: Finding the girl.

Chapter 4: Gotcha!

Chapter 5: Preparations.

Chapter 6: On the road.

Chapter 7: In the sheets.

Chapter 8: Shit hits the fan.

Chapter 9: Caught in a bush fire.

Chapter 10: Dark implications.

Chapter 11: Bright realizations.

Chapter 12: Is this love?

Chapter 13: Is this the end?

Chapter 14: Home front.

Hey, that was easy. Now, I have to list up the stuff to research. But research can be done parallel to the writing. Details can always be edited, but inspiration and flow cannot wait.

  • A ‘safe’ USA coast to coast road trip itinerary and proven routes.
  • the minds of the two main characters (type of person, zodiac sign, personality trait)
  • themes to talk about and sneakily critique on.
  • American Way vs Japanese Way.
  • more stuff to talk about and comment on. Make them clash.
  • what an IT Security officer does.
  • what she does.
  • character lists. (min 5 for each)
  • list up things people could talk about forever.
  • mind the age gap.
  • purposes in life. (ikigai)

I guess, this foundation is enough to get started. I already have the ending in mind as well. So, wish me luck. I hope I make it this time around. Bismillah.

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