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"For me, a perfect date is getting caught in a conversation that I can never find my way out of. A maze of conversations." he said, flicking the ash from his cigarette before taking another drag. She is a sucker for guys who lovingly inhale their poison. Like having sex with Death. Taking it slow. All the while acknowledging the future doom. But that's her secret. "Like this one?" she asks, waving the smoke floating her way. Showing distaste. "This one is definitely getting there. You sure it's okay for us to be here?" he asked suddenly cautious every time he exhales. But the wind keeps blowing the smoke her way. "Nobody knows we're here. So I guess it's ok." "You sure? I mean we've been here for 5 hours now. People might think we're one of those couples who can't afford to check in to a hotel." She laughed. A silent laugh. "Since when do you care about what people think?" She plays with a piece of tall grass she plucked from the ground around us, in front of her old station wagon, where we've been sitting since sunset. "When I was small, I used to sit in the living room of our apartment on the 23rd floor and gaze outside the window." "Really?" he said urging her on. "I love looking at the many windows in the apartment buildings surrounding ours. Wondering about the lives they keep." "Keep?" he asks a bit confused. "You mean, the windows are the keepers?" "Yep." she said lightly. "Interesting point of view." "Is it not?" she said raising her eyebrows playfully. As if saying, ain't I brilliant? "Like an alternate reality. Like how someone once said that we're actually just brains in a jar stacked upon endless shelves of brains in jars. Living inside our own preset ideals and ideas. Feeding off the liquid around us. Interacting using brainwaves." "Could be. But that's going way over my 5 year old brain at the time." she said counting the stars above us. The Northern Star shone the brightest. As she always does this time of year. Not far above it was the last sliver of Moon for this month. "I just liked to wonder if the same warm yellow lights kept the same calm and warmth or better? Was there a little girl or boy my age, window gazing too?" つづく

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