I was able to get those photos. Eventhough it meant stumbling around in the pitch dark parking lot of that stupid supermarket and falling into a puddle getting my cream colored jeans wet.

It was a rare view. You never get such a view here in JABODETABEK. A black purplish night sky, with so many stars you could connect the dots and outline the Milky Way.

I got three takes. After falling into that stupid puddle and almost banging my iphone screen on the asphalt. I let my wrist take the fall though. Laying on the wet parking lot like a crazy person, I took three photos. I was the happiest person on Earth.

Black with specs of white, a purple tint and hints of pink.

But somewhere inside that dream, I knew it was just a dream.

I wouldn’t be finding any Milky Way photos in my phone any time soon.

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