1676 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI. Phone: 9494063.


The pink apartment we used to live in. The business building near the parking space kept changing tenants. The best time was when they opened an arcade there. When we had leftover bus fares, we’d play a game or two or just loiter around watching other kids play. Oh, and checking vending machines for leftover change. Hahaha. Call it kere. I call it ‘resourceful’.

The building in front was a condominium. I got to learn how to ride Michelle’s bike in that parking lot. I was also able to jump over the fence like a pro.

There used to be a big tree at the corner of the parking space (bottom left) Very shady with a huge trunk. It was nice to wait for the bus under or to wait for the light to change. I used to search for gecko eggs in the branch barks, while waiting. Cute, round, white, little eggs.

The apartment was a 15 minute walk from a Japanese School. The Japanese School’s pool was open for public on Summer vacation. Because most schools are closed during summer (3 months vacation FTW!) So we often played there if Mom was too busy to take us to the beach.

A 15 minute walk from a public library also, where Dad used to send us when he needed some quiet to do his research. The cool and brightly lit library with a huge collection of children’s books was a safe haven for me. There were book reading sessions by the cute librarians and magazine corners as well as audio visual corners.

A 5 minute walk from the Boys and Girls Club, located near our brother’s Jr. High School. They had fuss ball games, arcades (we could play bubble bobble for free! The Mas-Mas will have this key and he’d turn it when we got permission or a coupon for doing other activities, I forgot). There was a basketball court, where my 2nd brother, Yogas, and his team would practice and compete. There was a workshop, where you could learn about carpentry, crafts. Also a library and movie room. – with Nahdia

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