Was wondering how to start an illustration of a room scene. As always I turned to Pinterest for some ideas. Pascal Campion’s art has always caught me. They tell stories. Mostly about family, relationships and loneliness. Which I find myself drawn to a lot.

The inevitable thing happens when you’re on the Internet, as you browse to find out about A, you most likely wil end up reading about Q.

Today, universe was kind. She didn’t let me wander too far away from A, as I clicked on a video of Pascal telling us about his creative process and a short glimpse of how his work is done.

I found just what I needed. A new lesson. I think it’s what people who’ve been through art school call “perspective point”. Where you make a dot anywhere in your blank paper and give lines pointing out of it to every direction as your guidelines/grid lines. Every object drawn must obey the lines as to make the perspective of the object realistic.

Haha. I know. I’m bad at making definitions. I hope my point gets across, though.

Now I can continue conceptualizing the picture book I have in my head.


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