Semoga (piano cover)

I don’t know much about playing instruments. The only instruments I’m good at playing are the recorder, the pianica and the triangle.

I love music though.

I used to have a crush on Adam Sheila on Seven and always tried to listen closely to find his bass playing within the songs. Corny, huh?

One day, several years back, I found this piano rendition of one of my favorite KLA Project songs, ‘Semoga’.

Like I said, I don’t know much about music.
All I am sure of is that he presented this piece from the heart.

I’d like to think of it this way:

The song resonated in an endless cycle from his heart that told his head that sent it through his whole body then the tips of his fingers onto the piano, then the vibrations of the piano strings reached his ears in his head again and touched his heart. Repeatedly.

The whole cycle was strengthened by his love for music, the song, the piano. Made even more powerful by his well-practiced digits thus accelerated by the speed of the YouTube-verse. Err, I meant Uni-verse? No? Baiklah.

That is why, I guess, what made this song own a place in my heart through all these years.

What comes from the heart reaches hearts.

I love the thoughtful ending. Slowly played but full of flavor. I could almost taste the notes.


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