#Day7 : My Star Sign

089Jangan percaya zodiak, itu musyrik, mereka bilang. Jadi, jangan percaya kalau saya bilang saya mencocok-cocokkan astrologi hanya untuk having fun, nanti musyrik jatuhnya.

I’m a Capricorn. I’m stubborn. I consider myself classy. Yes, I am full of myself. I like the good life, but who doesn’t? I don’t take nonsense but I do forgive easily and forget (too easily). Um, where was I? Oh, I love to sleep. So does my husband. He’s a Capricorn too, by the way. A good thing we’re both stubborn at sticking together. Hopefully. Eh. Eh?

I’m independent. I’m a ferpectionist. I live off being creative. If you find me making jokes that are slightly ‘off’, please, just laugh.

Being broke makes me sick. Literally, I like, feel it in my bones and it’s not a good feeling. I don’t dream of being filthy rich. Just enough to live a stable comfy life, make good memories with my family and put my money where it’s needed.

I’m warm and caring but only when nobody’s looking. I have enough affection to light up the Eiffel Tower, I wish to believe.

I need reassuring like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time. :)



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