#Day6 : 30 Things About Myself

The post actually called for 30 ‘interesting’ things about myself. I’m not sure I’m that interesting, though.

1. I grew up watching Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, PeeWee’s Playhouse, I Love Lucy & The Carol Burnette Show. So this might probably explain my quirkiness.

2. I don’t do cliques. Too troublesome. Which leads to my next thing;

3. I love to be left by my lonesome.

4. I love reading. I’m grateful for growing up in a neighborhood where we lived only a few blocks away from a public library. My love for books were carved in me really early.

5. I love drawing. Thanks to my Dad, who treasured his kids silly scribbles in a folder of his in between his research clippings. His praise bought me confidence.

6. I’m the only daughter of a West Sumateran woman. I grew up with tough love. So often did I resent my mom for giving me more chores and more responsibilities just because I was a girl. I remember having to fold a blanket 3 times my size when I was little, I whined and said I couldn’t do it, but she persisted. She always did. Because she loved me. Now, seeing how some other girls grow up not being able to do basic house chores or cook, I will always look back and thank my mom for all her tough love.

7.  I can ride skateboards & can in-line skate. Another perk of being an only daughter having 3 brothers. Your fun is influenced by boy’s stuff.

8. I handwrite with my left hand. This was my mom’s big idea. And I thank her for this super power. Activating all my right-brain magic.

9. Been wearing glasses since 2nd grade of elementary school.

10. Loves sleeping in/on moving vehicles.

11. Sleeps with her mouth open ever since she was born. You know that glass room new born babies are put for viewing? My mom said I was already sleeping with my mouth open back then. Not proud, but what is there I can do?

12. Is a huge Sanrio fan. I remember always asking to wait at the small Sanrio shop at Holiday Mart while mom went grocery shopping. Just touching and ogling the cute thingies made me happy. Now, I can draw and even sew my own plush Sanrio inspired kawaii things.

13. Would like to believe she was a concubine in her previous life. From the Heian Era and close friends with Murasaki Shikibu the author of  Genji Monogatari. My name was Midori of course. ;)

14. Favorite writer: Roald Dahl.

15. Loves Kyoto Autumns.

16. Loves a wide range of music. From hip-hop to dangdut. Except for trance and grindcore, which I don’t get at all.

17. Hates cold.

18. Likes petai but not to the point of having them as a lalapan. Slivers of petai in nasi goreng, sambal goreng ati is fine. The aroma is what I love about it.

19. People assume if you like petai then you automatically like jengkol. Wrong. I don’t hate jengkol, but not a fan either. Some say jengkol tastes like meat. Lies!

20. I only just recently been able to eat fish. And picky still. The fish I eat mustn’t smell, should be fillet, with no scaly or silvery fish color whatsoever. Better fried in batter. Sushi, I love. Sashimi? You bet! Tuna? No problemo! I can eat ikan bakar but only Kuwe (Trevally) fish. Bandeng? Hmm.. Before yes, recently not so much. Too lazy to pick out the bones.

21. Learned how to drive in high school, but never got around to getting a license. And now is too scared to drive. Jakarta roads are viscous. But doesn’t want to lose to common civilization. So, will get around to driving one day.

22. Dream destinations: Mecca.

23. Must see before I die: Aurora. Australis, Islandica, or Borealis.

24. Will publish several books before I die. Illustrate my own books.

25. Is a live and let live kind of girl.

26. Except when it comes to cockroaches. However, lately I’ve opted to chase them away as opposed to squishing them with a toilet cleaner. Yesterday, I even prayed to God, “Please guide the roach out of my room.” Which later  with my own eyes, I witnessed the filthy thing scurrying out the bedroom door. :)

27. Believes she would be an awesome Mom soon.

28. Has a naughty side. A very naughty side. A naughty side you don’t wanna know. :)

29. Loves getting swept away by movies. Is the girl who sits on the edge of her seat when things get juicy. :)

30. Is a sucker for nice smiles.

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