#Day 10 : My First Love and First Kiss

It would be perfect if your first kiss was with your first love, wouldn’t it? So I’m just going to remind you that this is not a perfect world.

My first love was with a transfer student from Surabaya. I crushed on him from 5th grade all the way to 9th grade. I bet he is still unaware of this. We’re still friends on facebook, though. :)

My first kiss was with a girl. Yep. Her name was Michelle Kieffer. Half Taiwanese-Half US Army kid who lived downstairs. I was in grade four, she in grade three and we practiced kissing out of curiosity. But, I swear, she was the one who initiated it. She took advantage of me. *innocent face*

But both of the above conclude that I’ve had adequate practice on heartache and spit-swapping. Enough to be the most understanding lover/kisser one can have. :p



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