#Day2 Where I’d Like To Be In 10 Years 

A genie once told me you have to be specific with your wishes. The more specific you are the more easy it is for the universe to make them come true. 

It’s 4 am in Jati Asih, somewhere between Bogor & Bekasi. So, if you ask me where I’d like to be 10 years from now is; in bed, next to a healthy & content version of the person sleeping next to me now. 

Our children. Yes, we’d have two or three by then. Twin 9 year old boy & girl (twins!) and a 6 years young boy to keep me in shape and inspired everyday. They’ll be sleeping in the loft upstairs. Sprawled out on their futons on the wooden flooring. Waiting for the roosters from the kampung back door to wake up the sun. 

I’d have completed my dawn prayers, read the Quran an ‘ain or two, then climb up to the 3rd floor where the magic happens. You name it, writing my up and coming best-selling novel, a zany & wondrous picture book for my kids, managing my plush doll business & planning bento box menus and afternoon snacks for the whole family. 

My very own studio office will only have two walls facing north and south. In place of the west and east facing walls will be floor to ceiling windows. Especially designed so I can feed on the things I love the most, sunsets & sunrises. The orange rocking chair my husband bought me when I had the twins will be my favorite reading chair and my daughter’s too. 

After greeting the peeking sun, I’d start the tea and breakfast. Once the 3 runny sunny side ups, 2 hard boiled eggs, kaya toast and nasi goreng is set on the table, I’ll take my time waking everyone up with kisses and cuddles because that’s the best way to go. 

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