My kid brother introduced me to Depapepe several years back. I instantly fell in love with this track.

It certainly makes you feel like bathing in the flickering rays of morning light.

Before, I read the title wrong. I thought it was “Ki More You Naka De” until a friend of mine corrected me. It’s “Komorebi no Naka De”, she said. “no Naka de” means “within or inside”.

Before that even, I asked Uda @IvanLanin & @Kreshna, “Apa bahasa Indonesia untuk bilah-bilah sinar mentari yang dicacah pepohonan?” Mereka mengusulkan; “‘Abhati’: cahaya agung, cahaya suci.” Yang menurutku masih belum pas.

Punyakah kita, padanan kata untuk ‘Komorebi’?

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