Mohammad Yogaswara

This day, 37 years ago, my mother gave birth to a baby boy. She thought she had to poop so she went to the toilet. But it was actually her baby wanting to see her ahead of schedule.

The baby then grew to be a child full of curiosity. Most of his childhood years were full of getting into all sorts of trouble and fights. At potlucks, if another person’s kid came running back crying, he would most likely be the culprit. “It must be Mochtar’s son’s doing.” they would say.

Perhaps, what they say about siblings being highly competitive, is true. That short skinny Asian kid would run his flat ass off at basketball matches held at the local Boys and Girls Club. Although all the other players were twice his size, but his fighting spirit was 10x theirs.

His fighting spirit didn’t stop there. I remember him receiving an honorary mention for writing. Yes, way before I found the magic of writing, he won a reward. The reward was given at this huge literary contest for elementary students held by the governor of Honolulu. He even got a several leis, which he gave to me.

This boy later on won several trophies for another thing he does best: arguing. Sorry, I meant: debating. His friends often wondered how I could put up with his sharp mouth and comments. My answer was simple, don’t provoke him. Just be quiet, observant and you’ll be safe from harm.

The same boy taught me how to ride a bike, make friends and know that there are times you have to grow up and there are times you don’t have to, not just yet.

Now, he is the father of two healthy & smart cihldren, a husband of a sweet and kind wife, and maintains a healthy work – hobby – family life in the Face of Allah SWT.

May The Light shine over him always. Dunia – Akhirat. Amin.



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