Together Forever

Couldn’t go back to sleep and found this picture on Pinterest.
It made me recall a postcard I got from Mom.

I was in Jogja, she was in Wisconsin with Dad and my kid brother. 

 She said they lived near a lake. A beautiful lake surrounded by pine trees. 

 But every time she looked out her window to the big lake, she couldn’t help thinking of her three other children back home. Which made her sad. A melancholy that would worsen during winter when everything is cold and monochromatic.

She said she wished we were huddled next to her by the window watching over the lake. 


 Last Saturday, during another one of my brief visits home. I found out that Mom had to go to Arisan at 4:00pm, while I only just arrived at 1:00pm and had to leave at 5:00, coz I myself had to go to Arisan at Bekasi too. 

The thing was, this Arisan cycle I am the book keeper with another housewife, and this other housewife couldn’t make it. So, I had to be home by 7:00pm. 

 I selfishly asked Mom not to go to her Arisan. I wanted to cuddle. Kelonan is the kolokan word for it. My wish was granted. We updated on lots of stuff. Some I needed to tell her to keep my sanity in tact. Also the sense of being one of hers. 

 In the process, I also got to eat her Soto Ayam and Kolak Putih. Yum!

Thanks, Mom. For giving in to me again and again. 


 Togetherness is a slippery thing. If you don’t hold on tightly, it will escape from the tips of your fingers. 

*genggam tangan yang mendengkur di sebelah* 

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