Listening to Stars by Dubstar

We’ll take our hats outside leave our lives behind and watch the stars go out. ( Stars – Dubstar )
Almost all shops were closed. Except for the convenience stores we passed ever block or so.

We huddled together as we walked to the 24 Hour Ramen Shop you worked at. Winter is cold only when you’re lonely.

The six of us at half passed midnight. Half asleep, half sober, half in love, half heartbroken.

The only thing I was sure of was feeling like such a grown up. No curfew, no angry parent sitting on the living room sofa. Just hanging out with friends on a late Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Kyoto is such a different city by night. Several scooters passed by still abiding the traffic lights. People sleep-riding bicycles home from their part-time jobs. One or two drunk middle-aged salarymen, trotting down the sidewalk, yelling obscenities at youngsters.

Most houses have closed their eyes. The little boxes, taking their well earned rest. The ones that aren’t, have one or two dimly lit windows, drowsily eyeing the night walkers.

He knew we were going to my fiancés workplace, but still he insisted on putting his muffler around my neck.

Leaving me with his scent. A scent that lingers shamelessly in my brain.

Listening to Stars by Dubstar

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