Let’s Fight 

The most terrible things she could mention have been said to his face. All the uncalled for past-tense mistakes have been unwrapped and laid bare to stink up their room again. He didn’t feel like laughing things off this time. And she sensed the danger in his uncontrolled breathing. Yet she kept yelling at him. Throwing things at the wall. Barely missing his head. 

His shoes. 

The teddy bear he bought her.

The throw pillow she embroidered with the word “LOVE” for him. 

His car keys. 

She was about to throw her trash bin at him, when he suddenly stood up. 

“I think we both need to cool off. I’ll see you when I do.” he said as he picked up and slipped on his shoes.   

Without pausing or looking back, he opened their apartment door and left. Closing the door behind him. 

No slamming of the door. But to her it was worse. And all of a sudden she was drenched in regret. She limply dropped to the floor. She wanted to shrink and make herself small enough to fit in the cracks of the wooden flooring and hide there till somebody eventually missed her. 

She half crawled to the couch he was just sitting on. It smelled of him. She buried her face on the back of the couch where his scent was the strongest. And she cried her eyeballs out. She wailed as if she hadn’t any neighbours. 

Someone was surely going to call the cops on her for causing nuisance. Or perhaps reporting some kind of domestic violence. 

She thought her room and her pillows would be the best place to muffle her tears. So she picked herself up, the teddy bear he bought her and walked to their room. 

Just as she closed the door to their room, he opened the front door. In his hands were two pints of the most chocolate chocolate ice cream in the world.


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