The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More

Buku pertama di 2015.

Actually, it was another gift from Uda. It was on sale at Periplus. Oh, how I love finding cheap treasures!

Roald Dahl, as always, presents incredible short stories.

My favorite was the one in the cover, absolutely! I was left wondering if anyone had made it a movie even. It would be great! Two old men reminiscing their life long friendship & ‘business’ with Henry Sugar. His early life, the day he found the book, Imrat Khan & the doctor, his turning point as well as his new found glory. Excellent stuff for a 3 hour movie even!

Not only that. With this book the readers get lucky too. Mr. Dahl spills out how he became a writer, including some tips on writing. Yay!

I tend to devour my books slowly and sensibly. I don’t feel any obligation to gobble up books just to meet a number of books per year. I savior a story, put down the book, ponder upon it, get other stuff done, ready myself for the next story and pick up the book again. I do this especially with my favorite writers. To mention a few, Mr. Dahl & Mr. King.

There is one more story I’ve yet to read in this book. His first published story. A Piece of Cake. A non-fiction about Roald Dahl’s days as an RAF pilot at war. Intended to be written by C.S. Forester. They had lunch where Dahl was supposed to tell him his story, but the talking and writing ended up interfering with their lunch much. So, Dahl offered to write the notes on his experiences and send them to Forester. In return, Dahl received a letter from Forester praising his work and telling him that it has been sent (as it was) to the paper he wrote for for $1000 (minus 10% agent fee).

And that, my dear friends is how Fantastic Mr. Fox, Charlie the crazy chocolate factory owner, Matilda and so much more were born.

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