Resep Rom-Com

Uni pernah ngetwit tentang ini beberapa tahun lalu. Setelah puas nonton rom-com Korea berjudul ‘Lost & Found’ barusan, rasa-rasanya pengen nulis list resep rom-com di sini. Kalau ada tambahan, monggo lho dibantu. Siapa tahu membantu lebih banyak rom-com writer wannabes di luar sana. Tambahannya pasti nanti Uni sertakan di posting ini. :)

1. The lead role is usualy a kind-hearted loser. Someone almost anyone can relate to. Since we are all losers in a way and in one way or another want to be considered good or kind.

2. The setting could be school, college, work place, neighborhood. Something common. If you want to be more specific, remeber to get your facts right. Later is OK. Because finishing your story first is a MUST.

3. The CUTE MEET. Definition? See The Holiday (Kate Winslet with old scriptwriter scene).

3. The lead role has an Object of Affection (OoA) that is almost always way out of his/her league.

4. As if being a loser isn’t enough, the lead role gets into trouble. Trouble that worsens as the plot thickens. How?

5. Why, by adding more characters of course? A role model sibling or a crazy best friend. A nosy neighbour. A doting parent. A cool teacher. Whatever. Play with them, allow their crazy quirks to interact and create funny scenes. Worsen the lead role’s circumstances.

6. The lead role somehow gets closer to his/her OoA as the inevitable doom looms. Keep the audience anticipating a disaster yet rooting for the lead role, nevertheless.

7. Give the lead role a secret admirer, but not a break. This fan will only fan the disaster sparks even more.


9. The lead role has to come clean. Prepared to lose everything even his/her OoA and her/his goals.

10. As he/she does this, karma slowly reveals her good side.

11. The ‘AW AW AW’ moment(s) unfolds. Bread crumbs left along the story finally hit home. No explanations needed. Warning: hearts shall melt.

12. In the end, the lead role finds love and a happy ending. Not necessarrily with his/her OoA. Though. :)

Sekian dan terima masukan. :D

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