Playing Neruda

a humble attempt to mimic the master

♠ Flimsy dresses, soft carresses. You shift your weight and enter my gate. Wet with love from the skies above

♠ Honey dew, my sweet-scented muse. Rivers shiver, as everything else quivers

♠ Voyeurism at it’s naughtiest, is kissing the one you love, with eyes wide open

♠ The softest touch, is just too much

♠ The bloodshot eyes of those who cry, weary, teary, ever dreary

♠ As the moon dives into the sea. Phantoms search within the fathoms. For lust void of earthly dust

♠ I love you more than the sea. I love you more than you can see

♠ Alone. All one. Nothing but all. Everything but one

♠ Crossroads and crossword puzzles. On a gray Sunday afternoon, as the sky sighs and drizzles

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