Grow Up.

Quit whining and face what’s ahead of you!

People can be saints; but they can be devil too.
But most of them are something in the middle.
Trying to find their true space.
Just like you.

Don’t get caught in their webs.
You might not be welcome, you might get eaten up and they might even spit on you.

You might as well be considered a piece of bubble gum stuck on the soles of their shoe.
Annoying. Clinging closely to somebody who doesn’t want you to.

Let them laugh at you when you’re down and low.
But be discreet when you’ve reached the top.

Never be the one to start confrontation, never be the one to judge.

Don’t limit yourself to water, coz you’re not a sponge.
Absorb the hatred.
Absorb the love.
Absorb the knowledge.
Absorb everything around you.

Nobody’s perfect, someone said to me today. True, but everybody walks around carrying perfect ideas in their heads and place their picture perfect ideas high upon their pedestals. Expecting the best and rejecting even the minuscule flaws.

Bad things, I’ve done. And will do again. I’m not proud. Never was. Never will be.
But still,
I take my time to carress the sunset, and kiss the stars.

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