Lazy Sunday

I lay my head on the arm of the sofa. I can see the sky from this position. The window looms tall above me. I felt quite dizzy. But nice dizzy. The soft clouds were drifting lazily. How come everything moves so slowly on Sundays? I wondered. Time seems to be taking her time. Slower than Saturday when I was busy eating cereal with my eyes glued to Spongebob. But this apartment is too quiet. I’d like to let in sounds from the street but the chilly autumn air is most likely to come in as well.

I figure such a slow Sunday needed a soundtrack. So I reached for my iPod on the coffee table and started browsing through artists. A.. B.. Bruni. Carla. Ah.. quelqu’un m’a dit.. Ah. You must be wondering, interesting taste in music for a 10 year old. You better thank my sisters for that.

Speaking of witch (intended typo), my sisters are nowhere to be seen. For them Sunday is a sacred day. Not because of Church. But because tomorrow they’ll have to go back to corporate prison. So they make every second of their Sundays count. I on the other hand, have run out of my pocket money. Besides, even if I had any they wouldn’t let me tag along. You see, they already took me for a treat to the cinemas last night. They need their privacy. I bet they’re busy kissing their boyfriends at this moment. Yuck!

I put the song on endless repeat. I picked at my nails. The cuticle that hurts when I pull them but I pull and bite at them anyway. Nervous little thing, I guess. I realized the sun was already sending slanting shadows on everything around me. Dad’s book shelves. Mom’s colorful paper lanterns. It must be around 4 now. Monday is like a decade away. I think of things to do. Blogging? Did that last night. Uploaded photos of us at the cinema too.

I closed my eyes and tried picturing what Jakarta would be like right now.

Leilani’s Musings. Birmingham. 11/11/11. 4.11 PM

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