What Is It ?

Life is not a matter of decisions when I’m with you.
I could perfectly know nothing about what awaits me when I choose the right path or the left, yet when you hold my hand all I know is I am in good hands.
Life is not a conformity during our time together.
It’s about listening to our inner children that follow the light of their conscience not everybody else’s.
Life is not about being happy over other people’s miseries when you’re around.
It’s more like a live and let live situation. Love and let love.
Life is not about having to abandon one love to be with another when it comes to you.
It’s as if forever is not a limit and they are bound to accept some time.
Life is not about the past, present or the future when it comes to us.
It’s beyond that.
That is why I don’t know what it is.
Not yet.

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