Easy Baby

baby, wrap your arms around me
kiss my ears, my neck and caress my back
hmmm… you know how I like that…
remind me of the 7 things you look for in a wife
you memorize the 6 things I need in a man
i turn to face you and suggest we take a walk, you catch my lips and plant a sloppy wet one…

lets beat the sun
lets beat the early birds
we hand each other each others’ jumper
the air is crisp, i pull the hood over your head and mine
we’re mafias
mafias with a bad case of insomnia
let’s raid the first mom & pop coffee shop we see

I snuggle my hand in your jumper pocket
Your hand then intertwines with mine
I tell you a story about an old old couple that walked hand in hand every morning
We sing our favorite songs from the top of our lungs…

April 14, 2009

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