the view from up here is just perfect.
what I’ve always wanted.
Could we just sit up here all night?
With a warm blanket wrapped around us.
Could I just talk to you till dawn peeks from in between the sky-scrapers?
Till the tiny lights across the city, fade to the brightness of the sun.
You lay your head on my lap, and fall asleep.
My fingers stroke your hair, and I whisper my love in your ear.

-stupid human being- specimen no.2

will you hold my hand?
can I hold your hand?
will I feel guilty after that?
can we act as usual after that?
This sucks y’know…
This feeling really, really sucks and it’s getting on my nerves.
What’s love got to do with me wanting to be near you always?
I try to act as if you mean nothing.
But how am i to ignore such a kind person?
Man, this sure sucks BIG TIME.
sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks!

-stupid human being- specimen no.3

Kyoto, 28 October 2005

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