♠ in the name of the daughter

She lies on her back in bed.
The room is dark, her hands cover her face.
She silently weeps. Tears seeping through her fingers down the sides of her cheeks.
Tears of anger, confusion, loss, and need.
Her shoulders tremble as her heart crumbles.
Let her cry.
Let her cry.
Let her tears wash away the expectations, dreams, hopes, and sweet nothings with him…
Sweet nothings. are nothing..
Nothing she can hold.
Nothing she can protect her fragile abstract organ with.
Let her fall asleep, in her heart-shaped garden.
Her tears magically turn into honey dew.
It twinkles in the dawn light and helps her grow.
Let her wake up the next day.
Bright and cheerful.
As the name her parents gave her.
To shine and shine forever on…

Jakarta, 2 November 2007

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