Jakartaku -part 1-

“Excuse me?” I called out to her and immediately she turned off the volume of her iPod. A polite one, I thought.
“Yes?” she answered back. And she can speak English, I hope.
“Do you know where I can stop a taxi or a bus?”
With a half amused half concerned look she said, “Here, you can.”
“Because I was looking for a bus stop, but I couldn’t find one.” I tried further explaining, perhaps she didn’t understand my question.
She smiled almost like a kind teacher to her student and said, “Here, you can stop a bus anywhere.”
“Because it’s Jakarta.”
“Is that good?”
“No, but it happens here.”

One thought on “Jakartaku -part 1-

  1. uni.. aku suka. somehow aku juga suka bikin tulisan yg menyindir jakarta. ada beberapa di notes FB tapi belum kupindah ke blog. hihihi..

    orang jakarta itu yaa.. ampun deh. macem2 gitu lagaknya. yang paling aneh sekalipun ada sik. hahahahaha..

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