To Love


To love is a selfish deed.

Our perception that we give our love to another is a lie. Because if we look deeper under the surface, we are the one’s that are satisfied by being able to release the feeling. It’s in our being. Our existence. We exist because of it. Love is the essence of God. God is Love.

One thing that ruins love is forgetting this fact. Expecting something in return while in fact our own thirst has been quenched thoroughly by making sweet gesture, like giving a kiss or a hug.

Don’t give me your apologies explaining that you aren’t able to return my love. I don’t mind. I gave mine away because I have lots to spare. I gave mine to you, because at the time I needed to. Maybe it would only need time for me to accept the fact that my love might be more useful somewhere else.

Love with all your heart.
Love like you have never been hurt by love.
Love because you need to love instead of being loved.

To love is a selfish deed.
So don’t be selfish with your love.


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