“How do you know?”
“Know what?”
“That you love me. You don’t even know me.”
“I just know.”
“Hey, whats with the attitude?”
“Either you’re a liar or you’re easy. I bet you can say you hate me in the next couple of weeks and tell me its just coz you KNOW. Do you even know what LOVE is?”
“See? there you go again, without any reason, without any rhyme.”
“One thing, I’m not a liar. The other thing, I’m not easy. I’ve known you for a week…”
“See? A week? What does that make of me? I could’ve just been pretending to be someone else. Relying on my communicative skills, playing and tricking you into believing I’m something you want. Want to love, that is.”
“Must you always cut people when they’re talking? That’s one thing I’ve known about you within this week. Although, just now you said you could be faking, your tendency to interrupt when somebody else is talking is in fact, somewhat consistent. *chuckles*”
“Okay, now what’s to love about that?”
“Nothing. But the person behind that trait must have a lot in mind. A rich mind is what I love.”
“There’s a fine line between rich minds and stubborn skulls, know-it-alls and I-just-wanna-have-the-last-say-in-everything people.”
“Indeed, and should someone who knows that fine line betray their conscience?”
“Whatever. *rolls eyes* Now tell me, if really, you love me, and I tell you I don’t love you, what would you do?”
“I’ll tell you… I no longer love you.”
“I’ll tell you that, so that if you laugh and you are convinced that I really AM a liar and easy, I’ll get away with still loving you without having to burden you. Love isn’t about keeping, its about giving. And giving love is LOVE itself, even if the recipient is oblivious to any of your gifts.”
“I don’t get you.”
“You don’t have to.”


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