-Closet Closure-

“Come here. Don’t worry this closet is big enough for all of us.” he calls me inside. It’s not really a closet, it’s a booth. Designed to look like a closet. Inside, several square cushions are aligned with the walls. And a rectangle table in the middle of it all. Little lights, are scattered in all around planted like stars on the velvet blue ceiling.

It’s 11pm and stuffy inside, I say I won’t be long. And there he sat, the man you love. The man I used to love too. He calls me over to sit next to him, to cuddle even. You sit near the ‘exit’ sign, pretending you don’t mind. I want to feel the chemistry that he has for you. But too bad for me, that’s not how it has been, never will be. And yet, I act as if I never knew.

He still manages to be a gentleman all the way. The gentle man that has your heart forever to stay. As we walk down to the bus stop, he wraps his arms around me and says, “You are in good hands now, Gorgeous. Do you know that?” I replied, “I know. And so are you, Handsome.”

The bus stop is empty. There are no buses after 10. We perfectly know that. Several empty cabs have passed, he waits till I can say the things I need to say. I say them with tears flowing down my cheeks.

“I’m happy if you are and that is all that matters. No matter how my conscience battles with the choices you choose, but who am I to judge? I am not God. And isn’t God the Essence of Love? So who is responsible for a love that takes a different form, if not the Keeper of Hearts?”

He sighs.
I sigh too.
As if we have just released our feelings into the vast air, leaving a part in our hearts somewhat bare.

I start to hum.
“You say, I only hear what I want to.”

Down the street, a silhouette walks with his hands in his pockets. Steady and calm.

I stand up to greet him. He sees the tears on my cheeks, and hands me his handkerchief. He then lovingly pats me on the head and says,

“Shall we go home now, Sayang?”

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