A Small Fatherly Confession [dearpapaproject]

Pengantar : Ini adalah surat-menyurat nyata saya dan Papa. Semoga berkenan dan selamat menikmati.

Jakarta 6 November 2010

Dear Adhya, Dian, Yogas,and Pilar!

As I want you all to be happy, follow the path that will assure you of your own future happiness. Living with robust principles is commendable, but living with human wisdom and understanding is even more commendable.

In general, robust principles fit only prophets, saints, and the very selected, not for the rest of humanity. I have always been an aspirant for robust principles, have consistently tried to adjust my life with them, but have also, in the eyes of many who know me, paid unnecessarily dearly for that. Many who are acquainted with me think that my life with my family could have been much more comfortable, had I been less principled. They are largely right.

I want you all to be keep your eyes constantly fixed upon ideal principles, but with more understanding and liberality with human follies and weaknesses, especially because all of you have different careers, preoccupations, and walks of life from mine. My office and profession, to say the least, have provided me with ample room to remain independent and be ever critical of any governmental wrong doings around us. Unlike yours, my office and profession are not highly officialized or bureaucratized.

Accordingly, Dad’s advice is simple: always go with your jobs and careers with care and prudence, first of all for the security of your own life in the future. Only a egotistic and conceited father want his loved ones to be his copy cats. I want you all to be happy, not to follow all the rigidity I have dictated on my own life.

Love, Dad.


Jakarta 8 November 2010

Dear Papa,

We are far more than grateful to Allah to be your children. With you we
have always been shown that Allah is The Preserver of Safety the
Bestower of Peace and Perfection. We are all equally human, ever
searching for the right path.
Sometimes we wither in the wind, sometimes we are strong enough to
withstand the blows.

Dear Father, you have exceeded your duties in rearing us. Together with
Mama you are the gifts from Allah that we shall treasure forever.
Cultivated communication skills that you have fertilized over the years,
lets us be reminders of each other. No matter how tough the advice may
seem at first. When the time comes we see, it is all because of the love
we have for one another. The single bond we must protect from the Devil’s Envy, I remember you
telling me this before. And Mama always telling us to do our best no
matter how petty a task may seem. Ikhlas is always the key.

Now, Dad, if you still fear for our security, please be rest assured
that you have supplied us with an ever-sufficient portion of common
sense, sensibility and conscience.

Love, your only daughter
Dian Harigelita

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