From Kyoto With Love

Kepada AM~

Hello My Love!

Today I’m writing you a letter pretending I’m in Kyoto.
I’ll be sitting near the window with my pink coffee mug that misses the baby blue color of her lover.
All is white outside. The snow reminds me of the yummy icing atop the cinnamon rolls we both love.

What are my plans for this brilliantly chilly day, you ask?

It’s morning and two degrees below here.
So of course the heater is on and I’d rather go nowhere.
I’m still wearing my PJs and thinking about putting on some Cyndi Lauper songs to sing and dance my heart out.

Of course I miss you. Must you always ask the same old question?

I wish we were cuddled up beneath a warm blanket.
So we could play our favorite game.
Of who could hold in their thoughts the longest.
Which will only end us up in seeing who giggles the soonest.
I’ll tickle you if I have to.
And you’ll might even tackle me too.
In the end, we’ll end up talking about whatever, whenever and wherever like we always do.

Ah, and of course, the question of love.

No matter how often we ask for love’s reassurance, it’s never enough.
Especially with this distance between us.
I know I’m here in Jakarta while you’re one hour ahead of me in Makassar.
But if I can pretend I am in Kyoto, then why can’t you pretend that I’m forever in love with you?
Not that it’s not true.

Err, you get me don’t you?

Okay, I’ll say it.

[strong] I Love You. [/strong]

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