Ucapan Ultah Untukku 3 Tahun Lalu. (dulu dia jauh lebih dewasa)

For 27 years of life. 27 years of breathing. 27 years of eating. Sleeping. Playing. Exploring. Learning. Needing. Becoming.

Our culture treats women like goods. Why am I saying this? Because, I feel the pressure society gives to a 27 year old single woman. Especially from my dear mother. I know she wants to see me happy, she wants to make sure I’m safe in someone else’s arms before she leaves. It’s not that I don’t appreciate her concern. But, it seems I’m making her anxious, sad, and impatient. And it’s all because our patrilinnear society. It’s not that I don’t believe in the sanctity of a marriage. I know for a fact that a woman’s capacity to love and protect her family is best only in a legal institution called wedlock. But, somehow, I just don’t agree with the ‘time limits’ our people set out for us (women). FYI, our future and destiny is not our’s to choose. We can plan, we can try, but The Big Boss Upstairs calls the shots for us.

Happy Birthday, Dian Harigelita.

Let’s have a brilliant 2007, shall we?

Love, Dian Harigelita

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